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How To Use Our Cash Flow Calculator

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EvolveMyRetirement® may use sophisticated technology but it’s simple to use. In order to get accurate results from our cash flow calculator you’ll need to enter some information about your finances*. Read on, go to our Quick Start guide, or watch our Tutorial video.

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You'll need to know your income, essential expenditure, assets, pensions and debts.

There’s the option to include your spouse or partner’s finances too.

You'll also be asked about your attitude to risk and about the importance of leaving a legacy to your next of kin. You can then generate an optimised strategy that will show you these results:

  • The amount of discretionary spending you can afford
  • How likely you are to run out of money in your lifetime
  • How much inheritance you're likely to leave

This will help you get a quick overview of whether your retirement planning and future cash flow is on the right track.

Click start to begin – a quick confirmation email will have you up and running in moments.


Calculating Your Financial Plan

Once you’ve confirmed your login details, you’ll be welcomed into the first part of our cashflow calculator, where you’ll start building your financial plan.

Calculating an accurate, detailed plan requires as much information as possible, so have your income and outgoings, debts and assets on hand to complete each section fully.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got all the details now, you can log back in and adjust each section at any time.

Basic Information

First you enter your postcode. You'll then see a space for your own personal notes; these are optional and you can edit them at any time.

Next, use the simple sliding controls to show how important leaving an inheritance is to you, and how much risk you tolerate. A drop-down menu will ask you to select the statement that best describes how you react to a fall in the value of your investments.

Then enter the value of your main home, and the total value of any additional properties (second homes, buy-to-let) that you own. You’re now ready to enter the next part of the cashflow calculator – details of the people on the plan.

Finally, enter your lifetime contingency. This is an amount of money that you assume you’ll have to spend over your lifetime, over and above normal day-to-day expenditure. It would not be spent on things that you already know about, but on things that may or may not be ever required. It should not cover things like mortgage payments, bills or discretionary (leisure) spending. It might need to cover things like uninsured private medical costs, residential care home fees, unexpected legal costs, helping out family members, etc. By its very nature, the lifetime contingency can only be an educated guess. Input this amount in today’s money, not accounting for inflation.

Plan Members

This is where you input the date of birth, gender and state pension details of each member of the financial plan. You can find more information on the state pension here:

This section will also ask for cash savings, ISA values and other asset information for each member.

Once you’ve saved a member, you can enter their present or future income from annuities (including those from any defined benefit pension schemes), employment, self-employment or other income (including any rental income from buy-to-let properties). You can also enter information on debts, life insurance and anticipated inheritances.

This gives an accurate picture of current income, assets and both short-term and long-term debts, making the final results more reliable.


You need to enter your essential spending, which is spending that's necessary and that you can't or won't do without. This could include rent payments, bills, grocery shopping and essential travel costs. It doesn’t cover any business expenses, which should be entered in the self-employment part of the plan member section filled out previously.

If you wish, you can also enter your current discretionary spending, which includes things like meals out, cinema tickets and holidays – purchases for leisure and not day to day living. Whether or not you enter your discretionary spending on the spending page, the system will later determine an optimised level as a key part of your strategy.

Calculating Your Financial Strategy


Once your details have been input, EvolveMyRetirement® does the rest. At the click of a button, the process begins, running in the background even if you log out of your account.

Unlike any other cash flow calculator available, EvolveMyRetirement® uses a powerful combination of Genetic Algorithms and Monte Carlo Simulation to deliver the outlook for your future cash flow, and develop an individual personal financial strategy that optimises that outlook.

Once it’s ready, you’ll be able to view your strategy, together with its implications for your financial future. You can then make manual changes to your strategy, or get the program to optimise it further.

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