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The Intelligent Financial Planning Calculator

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Get Your Finances on the Right Track

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EvolveMyRetirement® is a free online financial planning calculator, designed to help you manage your cash flow. Whether you’re in work or retired, whether you're single or a couple, our app takes the guesswork out of planning for the future. You can even share you plan with your financial advisor if you want.

Sustainable Spending Made Simple!

Planning for retirement is difficult. EvolveMyRetirement® has been designed to make your financial planning as easy as possible, without missing any important details.

While traditional retirement planning adjusts a huge range of factors by trial and error, EvolveMyRetirement® can help you plan for the future without having to guess what’s around the corner.

Our calculator won’t ask you to predict how much you can afford to spend on luxuries, set a target income in retirement, or guess how long your retirement will last.

It will help you find a sustainable level of spending and an overview of your chances of a prosperous retirement, based on your spending pattern.

The best part? It’s flexible; you can adjust your plan at any time to accommodate any changes that arise.


How it Works

You can read about how it works in detail. In summary, EvolveMyRetirement® consists of three main building blocks:

Financial Model

This holds all the information that you tell the system about your finances. But in addition, it has built-in rules that enable it to project your current finances into the future.

Monte Carlo Simulation

This is a powerful technique for dealing with the inevitable uncertainties connected with projecting your finances into the future. By trying out numerous random scenarios, the system can draw meaningful conclusions.

Genetic Algorithm

Using this Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique, the system is able to help you make strategic decisions, in order to maximise your chances of achieving your financial goals.

What You’ll Need to Put In

  • Your income
  • Your essential expenditure
  • Your assets
  • Your pensions
  • Your debts
  • Your life insurance policies
  • Any inheritances you anticipate receiving

We’ll also assess your attitude to risk and the importance to you of leaving behind an inheritance.

What You’ll Get Out

  • A high-level investment and withdrawal strategy
  • The amount of discretionary spending you can afford
  • How likely you are to run out of money in your lifetime
  • How much inheritance you're likely to leave
  • The ability to run project scenarios

The ground-breaking combination of our Genetic Algorithm with Monte Carlo Simulation delivers your financial strategies after just a few minutes of processing.

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Worried by the Results, or Want to Learn More about Your Suggested Strategy?

We suggest consulting an independent financial advisor and sharing your plan with them. They'll be able to validate your plan and its assumptions, and give you in-depth advice about the financial strategy and how it affects your financial situation.

For more detailed information, please visit our Support section or watch our Tutorial video.

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